Fabric Quality Control

The main objective of our company consists in helping our customers not to manufacture clothes with faults, or clothes whose quality is not good enough. We help them manufacture high-quality clothes with an accurate fabric quality control.

The tests, controls and measurements that we carry out help us to know:

  • The exact meters received by the manufacturer.

  • The exact useful width where one should do the seams.
  • The amount, type and location of the faults in the pieces of cloth.
  • The real several dyeings which exist among all the pieces.
  • If the color, aspect, touch and weight of the fabric corresponds to the type of quality desired.
  • If there’s a tonality difference between the centre and the other parts in clothes.
  • The resistance in the seams and in the centre of the fabric.
  • The dimensional shrinkings after the industrial ironing and after the domestic treatment of the fabrics.
  • The solidity of the color when the watery washing is carried out.

With additional controls, we know if the fabric:

  • Has a tendency, due to usage, to “pilling”.
  • Is ready to be dyed.
  • Has a tendency to turn once clothes are manufactured.
  • Has the composition and density needed for the quality desired.
  • Can have any other type of problem or fault which requires a physics or chemical analysis.

Other optional services offered to solve some quality problems:

  • Stabilization and/ or minimization of the shrinkings.
  • Stain dry washing.
  • Extraction of contaminated or strange fibers.
  • Improvement of the fabric which have excessive twisting.
  • Dying to other colors.