Since the company was founded, our motto has been: “Quality is much more than just product control or fulfilling the costumer’s needs. According to Edgar Demming: “The management is responsible for 94% of all the quality problems that might occur. The first step must be taken by the management”. Thanks to some mentality changes, many more managers are concerned about the importance of Quality.

Campaign after campaign our customers, with whom we cooperate constantly, have shared that acquiring a Final Quality Control service before cutting and manufacturing the piece of clothes has reduced to 0 the number of complaints or refunds they had due to flaws in the clothes.

Taking into account the current market tendency: an increasing demand in quality in all the products manufactured in Europe, not having complaints from customers gives an added value to our company and above all, to our customers, whose prestige grows rapidly and places them in a better position in front of their comptetitors in the market.

The drastic recession our country is undergoing obliges companies to be more cmpetitive in the market. Paying an extremely low cost for the service of quality control of the fabrics before the cutting and manufacture, might mean a lowering of the production cost, and consequently a reduction of the manufacturing and reprocessing times. An improvement of the quality of the product might mean keeping all your customers or an increase of their orders.

In conclusion, our main goal is to be a useful tool for our customers in order to help them overcome the tough requirements of our sector at present time.