Fabric Control

Control Calidad Final S.L. is a service independent company specialized in fabric quality control, which is carried out before the cutting and the manufacture of clothes. Our services are aimed at professionals in the sector and companies alike. It was founded in 1994 and it’s located in Olesa de Montserrat, in the Barcelona Province, the neuralgic centre of the area where the best professionals in the field are located. Control Calidad Final SL acts as a strategic partner for its customers since our services help convert fixed expenses in a company into variable ones, by freeing human and financial resources, which can be devoted to the main business activity: the collection and the manufacture of the clothes.

The amount of activities covers two differentiated areas:

The main activity of our company consists in the reception and expedition of goods, its analysis and quality control and the management and information of the results.

The second main activity, optional and linked to the first mentioned above and led by the Sales and Quality Department, consists in the provision of support and business advice to our customers’ Sales Departments and the management of all the company’s quality issues.